Who is Daniel Scherl?

When I started using a camera, it was all on film and friendship bracelets were cool. I think they’re cool again? For more than thirty years, I’ve hopped around the world as professional photographer / cinematographer. Because people like to hear that you’ve worked with famous brands and famous people, here’s some of my credits: I’ve worked with most of the big studios like Dreamworks, Warner Brothers, and Disney, and had really cool high profile and interesting gigs like capturing Steven Spielberg’s daughter’s Bat Mitzvah and Directing and Shooting the Michelin Star International Gourmet Food Festival in Portugal, just to proverbially name a few (although that was two, not three, but who’s counting). I’ve also loved working with fellow artists, musicians, writers, dancers, actors, and even local mom and pop Etsy creators to help them bring their dreams to life.

Explore my galleries and see some of the images I’ve captured along the way.

What's a Moonbird?

In my real life, when I’m not working with clients, I’m writing, and when I’m not writing, I host a podcast called “Memories of a Moonbird.” On the show, I interview awesome and interesting people from all around the globe and many walks of life. From a celebrity to a scientist, we talk about the meaning of life and have a lot of fun along the way. It’s pretty great! As a matter of fact, you should be listening to it right now! Go! Click here!

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